Saturday, November 15, 2008

Men in Black

Trent, Nate, Hayden, Christian, and Sawyer.

Last night, the Show Choir Organization Of Parents (SCOOP) held a fundraiser "Viva Papillion LaVista". We had a fabulous time, eating, drinking, and watching the Papillion LaVista Show Choirs perform. Christian is a member of Free Spirit, which is the varsity show choir. They were the main act and performed last.

First to perform was the junior varsity show choir In Motion. All of the Freshmen start out in this group and Christian was a part of it last year. They sang 2 songs, "Opposites Attract" and "Pressure". They did very well. Their show is not as flashy as the older groups, because they are transitioning from junior high to high school. However, they have this whole year to really perfect their style before auditioning for the more advanced show choirs.

Next to perform was Ardente Voce, which is a jazz ensemble of 11th and 12th graders. They sang "Africa" and "You Can Call Me Al". They all have very good voices, and Christian's good friend L.T. sang several solos.

Heart and Soul, which is an all girl show choir made up of 10th-12th graders, came next. I can't remember the names of their two songs. One was about a canary, and the other about a bird in a cage. I think they must have a bird theme this year. Anyway they were as always, beautiful in their pink dresses, and they even did a tap number.

The Papillion LaVista Superintendent Rick Black was the emcee, and sang "The Daddy Song". He was quite good, and it made me realize how much the arts are valued throughout the district.

Last, but not least, was Free Spirit. I must say that they were awesome. The boys were dressed in black suits with white ties, and the girls in powder blue dresses. They performed "America" by Neil Diamond, "Chicago", and "American Anthem". The singing was superb and the dance moves sublime. I can't say enough about how proud I am that Christian is a part of this wonderful act, and how amazed I am that the school systems in this city still value performing arts when so many other states have cut them out completely. I have seen such a difference in the kids' desire to participate in all areas of their school because of their involvement in performing.

One last thing. In my pity party, I forgot to mention that Nicholas and his 8th grade chorus gave a great performance Tuesday night. They were so good, and Nicholas is a real leader in the male section. He is a very strong singer, and while he didn't stick out, I could clearly hear him leading the boys. Good job Nickle Pickle.

Christian and Max hamming it up.

Christian and Hayden, BFFs.

Kevin, Christian and Max.

On stage with the girls

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