Friday, November 14, 2008

Bad Week

How do you follow a really exhausting week? With a really crappy week.

True it wasn't horrible, or even life shattering, it was just one of those really bad weeks that you just can't wait to end. To make matters worse, my birthday was this week and it was totally ruined by something that I really shouldn't have been upset about. Last night though I heard some news that put my situation into perspective. A co-worker of mine just found out that her baby boy has a devastating disease. I am heartbroken for her, and I ask that you all say a special healing prayer for Isaiah Bradley and his parents Katie and Jordan.

So now what? Well, I leave the pity party, buck it up, and make next week better. Tonight I am going enjoy Christian's show choir show. Wednesday, I am looking forward to having a fabulous belated dinner celebration with my friends from work, and today I snatched the cutest picture off of Alyssa's Facebook.

I feel better already!

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