Friday, November 21, 2008


I am being very bad. I am supposed to be cleaning for the upcoming holiday, but instead I am putting it off to blog. I have done some stuff this morning, but I sat down because my ankle hurt. Now I have to get back up, but the computer is much more compelling than the dust. If you hate to clean as much as I do, you know how I feel.

Anyway, I am very excited because my dad and Geneva are coming for Thanksgiving, and they will meet Logan for the very first time. Also, Alyssa, Andy, Logan, Shirley, and Andy's brothers (Wes and Chris) are coming. It will be busy, but I can't wait.

For the past 3 years we have had "real" family Thanksgivings, and either my mom or dad came up as well as my aunts, cousins and various friends and family members. This may seem normal to most of you, but to an Army family who has eaten many Thanksgiving dinners at the mess hall or Cracker Barrel it is a novelty, and we love every crazy minute of it.

I hope mine looks this good!

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