Friday, October 24, 2008

Monarch Football

Football season is over! OK, that isn't entirely true. If you're a Wildcat, Bama, Longhorn, or Husker (gag) fan you still have a few more weeks left, but if you are a LaVista Junior High School Monarch fan like I am, the season is finished. This year, for the first time ever, Nicholas played football for the Monarchs.

Christian has played football for the past 3 years, but this year he decided to take a break because of his very hectic schedule with show choir, drama, and oh yes school work. He's in the 10th grade, and he's really trying to concentrate on his studies. Christian loves football, and while I'm proud of everything he does, I hated every minute of his football career. I worried during every practice that he would have an asthma exacerbation or get hurt, and I can't say that I was disappointed when he decided not to play this year. Then, to my utter horror, Nicholas came home with a permission slip for football.

Just when I thought I could relax a little, Nicholas is now on the field. I never thought that this would happen because, to put it nicely, Nicholas doesn't like to run. I also worry about him getting hurt or getting heat exhaustion, and I almost told him that he couldn't play, but I decided to let him give it a try. Guess what? He loves it too!

So, off he went at 7am for show choir practice before school, and then after school he stayed for football practice until 6pm. He came home exhausted and starving and showed more confidence, pride, and determination than I have ever seen in him. His team went undefeated, and he finished the season exhilarated. He also kept up his already excellent grades despite of the demanding schedule.

I'm really proud of Nicholas for trying something new even though I'm sure it was very intimidating. I've learned to trust Nicholas to make good decisions, and every day my sweet little (big) boy still surprises me. I love you Nickle Pickle.

Line of scrimmage stance

Christian took this picture, he has a great eye

Another shot Christian took

Leaving the LVJHS field for the last time

Sad it's over

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Heather said...

Great pictures!!! Good job Nicholas. I am glad you enjoyed the season and that you avoided any serious injuries so that your mom will let you play again.