Tuesday, October 7, 2008

First Casting

Today Alyssa, Shirley, and I took Logan to Children's Mercy Hospital in Kansas City. He was seen by the Pediatric Orhtopedic Surgeon, Dr. Sinclair, and got his first casts. I don't know if Logan or Alyssa hated the procedure more, because both of them cried throughout. Fortunately, Logan was able to be soothed with a pacifier dipped in sugar water (Sweet-Ease). Maybe I should try to find a big one for Alyssa. I think she was more upset today than when she got her own casts.

Dr. Sinclair is using the Ponseti method for club foot repair. With this method, Logan will be casted once a week, and after 5-8 weeks will undergo a procedure called a tenonotomy where he will make a small incision in the Achilles tendon to release tension in the heel. Logan will be re-casted and eventually move into orthopedic shoes and a brace. Dr. Sinclair is very optimistic that Logan's feet can be corrected without surgery, especially the right one which is not so tight. I have always wished that I had photos of my kids castings, so I took quite a few today to record the procedure.

The Dr. holds the foot in place while the Orthopedic Nurse wraps it in cotton.

The leg is then wrapped in plaster, while the Dr. keeps the correct position.

The plaster is the most important part of the cast which corrects the alignment.

The thigh is wrapped with fiberglass gauze. Fiberglass is then wrapped over the plaster portion. This helps keep the plaster cast on, and is more flexible and lighter than an all plaster cast.

The finished product.

The casts need to be supported when holding.

They weigh almost 1lb altogether.

Below is a link to the University of Iowa Children's Hospital about the Ponseti method if you're interested in learning more.



Heather said...

Sweet baby. Rosemary always said that it is far worse on the mom than it is the baby. Logan wont remember any of it. Next time you see him, give him an extra big kiss from us.

Melissa said...

Brings back memories of teaching Buddy to walk with his "white boots". I can't remember when he and Cassie had the casts as a baby. What a blessing that there may not have to be surgery. Thanks goodness for the technology changing for the better. But procedures for the baby for a lactating new mom are 10 times worse! Hugs to everyone. I pray that these challenges will be great topics to lovingly tease Logan with when he is older and not bitter, painful memories.