Sunday, October 5, 2008

Feeding Problems

Oh the things you forget. One of the things that I had pushed far back into my memory is how babies aren't all born knowing how to eat. Christian was mine. I tried to nurse him for 3 days, and he refused. Refused I tell you. No matter how hungry he got, he just would not latch on. Then, one day he did latch on and he wouldn't let go. Logan seems to be following in his uncle's footsteps.

Logan is 5 days old today, and he still does not want to eat. he will cry that he is hungry, but as soon as Alyssa starts to nurse him he will either buck his head backwards and refuse or he will latch on, suck a couple of times and fall asleep. She's tried everything. The first was called "finger feeding" where she fed him with a syringe and feeding tube while he sucked on her finger. She also tried letting him cry, feeding him every hour. Now, she is trying to feed him, and if he doesn't eat well, she pumps the rest and gives it to him in a bottle. At least this way she knows how much he's eating, and he's still getting breast milk.

I have to say, the whole situation is very tiring. I was up with her all night Friday, and yesterday she and I were both exhausted. Last night was better. She was only up a couple of times (I was only up once), and since he got a bottle afterwards, he slept between feedings.

Other than the feeding issues, everyone is doing well. Alyssa is moving around without much pain, and we will get out for the first time tomorrow to visit the lactation nurse. Logan is adorable, and I am going to have a very difficult time leaving him Tuesday.

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