Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Happy and Sleep Deprived

Wow, what an amazing 24 hours it has been. First let me say thanks to everyone who has sent well wishes. When you move around as much as we do, it is hard to remember just how many wonderful friends and family you have. Most people have a pocket of support in one area, but Alyssa, Logan, Andy, and the rest of us have received congratulations from Kuwait to Hawaii and everywhere in between. We love you guys.

Monday night Al, Nicholas, my Aunt Lucy & Uncle Bob, and I drove to Kansas. Unfortunately Christian's school schedule prevented him from going with us. We met up with Alyssa, Andy and Andy's mom Shirley and spent our last free night excitedly planning for the next day.

Alyssa, Andy, and I went to the hospital at 5:15 to get Alyssa prepped for surgery, and Shirley met us there at about 6:30. The only glitch was Alyssa's difficult veins that took 3 attempts for an IV, but everything else went smoothly. Al, Nicholas, Lucy, and Bob arrived a little after 7 am and after a quick visit we were off to the operating room for the scheduled c-section.

Andy sat on a stool by Alyssa's head, and I was next to the isolette with an excellent view of the surgery. I don't know what emotion was stronger. I was excitedly anticipating the arrival of Logan, but I had a very difficult time watching MY baby get a spinal needle inserted into her back, and then subsequently sliced open. I have been in attendance for quite a few c-sections, but this one was hard. I trusted that the team was capable, and I knew how very important it was to just stand quietly and stay out of the way, but it was the most difficult and amazing delivery I've ever been to.

When Logan was delivered, it took a second (a lifetime for me) for him to cry but as soon as he did, he screamed his head off and pinked up like a champ. At this hospital, they do all of the initial weighing, measuring, shots, and eye drops in the OR, so Alyssa, Andy, and I were all able to watch while she was being sewn up. Alyssa is recovering well, and with the exception of some nursing difficulties, both mom and baby are doing stellar.

I cannot describe how I felt after Logan was delivered. I was relieved that he and Alyssa had such a smooth procedure, proud of Alyssa and Andy, thankful to the team for such good work, but mostly I felt so much gratitude that God had given us a beautiful and healthy grandson. Yesterday was busy and emotional, and everyone fell in love with Logan immediately. He is such a pretty baby. However, my favorite moment came after Al brought us dinner.

Al was sitting on the window seat holding Logan and Alyssa was resting in her bed. At that point, the family and friends had drifted back to their homes or Andy & Alyssa's apartment, and I was quietly reflecting on the day as well as the past 20 years. I was transported back to a day in June when I was the young woman lying in that bed and Al was holding our beautiful new daughter. I became a mother for the very first time, and my life changed forever. Yesterday, that 20 year old young woman became a grandmother, and that 22 year old young man (who now has a bit of gray hair) became a grandfather. Watching Al sit there and hold his grandson, OUR grandson, for the first time fulfilled me in way that I cannot describe, and my life changed again. Forever.


Mommy's Boy...

...or Daddy's

Grandma Shirley

Uncle Nicholas

Great Great Aunt Lucy

Cousin Rachel

Cousin Heather


Melissa said...

Such beautiful thoughts about the day. This entry will be cherished by Logan and the entire family over the years. He will know how loved he is.

Al Cardona said...

He loves his Grandpa!