Friday, August 8, 2008

So Far Away

I never thought I would start a blog because websites are more my style, but I decided that this would be a great idea to journal my adventures into Grandmotherdom (or is it...doom). I'll try my best to condense and explain the evolution and intention of this blog outside of Mr. Logan Carter Owen himself.

First, I bought this book at Hallmark for Grandparents to fill out. I did this last year with the intent of quizzing my parents and the Cardona's so that I could write a fairly decent family history for my kids and grandkids. As Christian would say "Is that foreshadowing?" Little did I know...

Jump to a cold hotel stairwell in February. I am on the phone crying to my dear friend (Karri) and she tells me about a friend, who has a sister that I share many similarities with. This friend of a friend lives in the South, is a NICU nurse (close), turned 40 this year, and has a 20 year old daughter named Alyssa who just had a baby (girl). Sound familiar? Anywho, this FOAF (whom I have never met) also has a magnificent blog on which she shares everything from her amazing sewing abilities to her new granddaughter Bayleigh. I have been a subscriber ever since.

I admit it, I am a blog stalker.

Soooooooo, my friend Karri helped give this FOAF's daughter Alyssa a baby shower, and I turned green with envy. Not just because I love my friend Karri who is in NC so far away from me, or because she and the FOAF's sister did such a rockin' job throwing the baby shower, but because the pictures of Alyssa surrounded by family and friends reminded me that our lives are scattered from Kuwait to Hawaii and that I will never be able to do that for my Alyssa.

Next point. Since my Alyssa lives so far away from everyone she knows, I have been toying with the idea of having a long distance baby shower for her. Today I started looking at creating a website just for that purpose, but then I got an idea. Combine the gathering with my grandparent journal and create a blog dedicated to Mr. Logan Carter Owen himself!

OK you can gag now, I know how disgustingly "grandmotherly" I must sound.

So, after your stomach settles, join up and tell me what you think. I'm sure that when the little prince arrives I will flood the blog with his image, but in the meantime I will post some pictures that I have been taking of Alyssa's pregnancy, as well as some games and fun stuff to keep us all entertained. I might even include Al and the boys.

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Melissa said...

I think this is an awesome idea. I will look forward to getting to know Logan via the web.