Saturday, March 20, 2010

Logan's First Haircut

Alyssa and Logan came to visit last weekend to see Christian and Nicholas' muscial "Guys & Dolls" and to visit my mom while she was here. While they were in town, Alyssa took Logan to our family's hairdresser (and friend) Leslie. Leslie is the only person Christian and I will let touch our hair, and we absolutely LOVE her. Also, she has a little girl (Claire) who is 5 days older than Logan, so throughout the pregnancies and the first 17 months we have compared a lot of expereinces. (Side note, Leslie says claire is almost bald. Isn't it ironic that the little girls get no hair and the little boys could have pigtails?)

Anyway, this is how he looked in the shop right before the appointment. I think he knew something was up.

Just as soon as Alyssa took his hand and started walking back, he started crying. He knew something was coming. He was still apprehensive, but calmed down when she sat him in her lap. Leslie covered her with a cape, but Logan refused to wear one.

As soon as she approached him with the scissors, he started screaming and thrashing. Luckily Leslie is VERY good, and made sure she did not cut him. However, she did say "Alyssa if you leave with a scar I'm sorry." At least we all had our priorities straight, if you have to cut someone, let it be the adult.

This is what he looked like after the cut. Note that his passy is covered with hair, even though I tried to rinse it off. He had hair all in his moth, all over his face, all over his clothes, and all over Alyssa. He needed a bath and a nap.

He still didn't trust Leslie even after she put the scissors down.

...and he wouldn't let go of Alyssa for at least an hour after we got home.

This is how he looked after he calmed down and Grandma gave him some cheese crackers.

...and this is how he looked playing "stiff guy" or "seizure man" with uncle Christian.

Just so you know he thinks his Uncle Christian is hilarious. I wonder why?

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