Wednesday, March 11, 2009

God Sighting

Our dinner time conversations are those of which legends (or at least reality TV) are made. If you join us for dinner you never know whether the conversation will turn to snot, stinky feet, politics, or the revocation of habeas corpus. I've often said that I'm going to invest in a security camera, and record the dinner table conversations. I would make a killing on the Internet. However, a couple of weeks ago we were at the dinner table and Christian said "so, everybody tell what your God Sighting was for the day." Never one to be shocked by anything Christian does or says, I took it in stride, and I told him my God sighting for that day. We then went around the table with Nicholas, Al, then finally Christian responding. It was uplifting.

The conversation started by an energetic, almost 16 year old boy was one of God Sightings. It probably isn't the typical teen conversation topic but I'll take it. I do have to give much of the credit to some wonderful youth leaders that he has encountered. God sightings were an integral part of their evening devotions on mission trips and obviously they stuck. Thank you Bill, Margie, Frank, Karen, Merv, Chris, and Jeannette for fortifying my children's lives and worship. You are my God Sighting.

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Charlestons on the go said...

God Sightings is an impressive dinner conversational topic. But I can just picture it in my mind with all of you. Neat.