Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Red-Headed Step-Child

Today, Christian became a red-head. This weekend, he is in his school's musical Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and for Thursday night, he has to fill the role of a "brother" because the person who normally plays the role is in a forensics competition. Unfortunately, the part calls for red hair, and as you well know, Christian's hair is almost black. So...off to the hairdresser we went.

The really tricky part of this process is that he has to go back to his normal part for the 3 following nights of the play, and he doesn't really want to be a red-head. I think he's out of luck on that one.

If you know Christian, you know that he has a thing about his hair. He is a fanatic about getting it exactly how he wants it. Needless to say, Christian was very nervous about dying his hair. So, that is why we went to our hairdresser Leslie instead of trying to do it from a bottle.

He whined and drove us crazy the whole time. Here he is after Leslie put the color on. He was under the hair dryer yelling "This hurts" "You're burning my scalp off" "My brain is melting" (too late for that one I think).

Finally, it was time to rinse, and Leslie rinsed him with some conditioner that had a little mint in it, so he proceeds to yell "This is cold". What? Just a minute ago he was complaining about the dryer being too hot, now he's whining about the conditioner being too cold. I give up.

Here he is with Leslie. The time for complaining is over, it's done. Viola! REALLY red hair.

Good thing the Sun was out so we could find him.


Heather said...

Wow!! That is some red hair. Suck it up Christian. One day when you are a crazy rich actor, you will look back and laugh like crazy!!!

Charlestons on the go said...

I actually like his red hair. Hope the play went well tonight. And I hope the other performances this weekend go great. I wish we could have been there. Christian, break a leg. (not really)