Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Almost 5 months

I can't believe how fast Logan is growing. Maybe it's because I don't see him everyday, or maybe I'm just getting old and time is flying by. Either way, he just gets bigger and stronger each time I see him.

We were lucky enough to get him for 4 days on Valentine's weekend, and it was so much fun. Yes he's a lot of work, and no I didn't get much sleep, but I loved every minute of it. He is so funny and when he smiles it melts my heart. He especially loves his grandpa, and he smiles every time Al walks into a room.

Below are some pictures of Logan in his "Christmas" present from grandma and grandpa. We wanted to give him this exersaucer for Christmas, but it was out of stock and he was too little for it anyway. It got delivered to him Thursday, and Alyssa took some pictures so we could see him in it. The center is an activity table and the seat is attached to it and rotates around the table like a satellite. He can't touch the floor yet so Alyssa has to move him. However, judging from his growth, it won't be long.

Another music lover. He "sings" anytime a song comes on.

Fascinated by standing alone.

I think he likes it.


Heather said...

I love that last picture!! He is just adorable.

Charlestons on the go said...

He looks so happy and like he's having so much fun. Can't wait to see him again. He'll be so big, I probably won't believe it.

Mitzi Cardona said...

You won't recognize him. He's like a totally different baby. We are having so much fun with him.

Melissa said...

He's a handsome boy!