Thursday, May 20, 2010

Graduation 2010

So in my attempt to catch up after 2 very busy months, I have posted several blog entries. As you may notice, I uploaded the pictures first, and I'm now attempting to add my comments. Please bear with me.

This past Sunday (May 16th) was PLHS granduation. This year was significant because about 90% of Christian's friends (and his girlfriend) were seniors, and walked down that aisle without him.

This is his girlfriend Cristina. Yep Christian and Cristina. If she had an H in her name it would be REALLY cute huh? Anyway, since her last name starts with W she was in the very back of the processional. Poor Cristina.

This is the entire 2010 graduating class of Papillion LaVista High School AKA "Old School".

These are the senior choir members singing their last song. They are Christian's good friends. They are the ones he has performed with, fought with, cried with, traveled with on bus trips and Mall of America excursions, and sat in awe with at Chicago nightclub raves. He came, he danced, he sang, and now they are leaving. He is the big dog now, the senior, and he is already missing these guys terribly.

This is after he/we finally found Cristina in the crowd. He was pretty happy to see her, and I think she was pretty happy to see him. We just love this young lady. She is sweet, and smart, and beautiful, and Christian just adores her.

Immediately following the PLHS graduation we hurried over to another close friend's graduation party. val Bolte and her family are good friends of ours from church, and she is like a 2nd daughter to me. She goes to Burke High and sings in show choir and ran cross country until she started having leg problems. We are very proud of Val and know she will go on to do wonderful things with her life.

Good friends Kris and Jeannette.

Al and Jeannette's husband Ken.

Tow beauties, Val and her mom Margie.

Another good friend Karen, and Val's older and also beautiful sister Aly. She's got a voice that will knock your socks off.

Karen's husband Frank. Usually he's behind the camera :-)

At the end of the night and Val is finally getting something to eat. I think there were at least 200 people in attendance.

Val and Margie talking to the youth choir director Jim Larabee. He's asking them why they scheduled her party during Faith Singers practice...LOL

The Bolte family: Aunts, Grandmother, cousins, and Val's hilarious and sweet dad. He is the really tall guy in the back...Bill. Usually he is the really tall guy who insists on sitting in front of me in church. I luv ya Bill.

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