Saturday, January 31, 2009

Snow is beautiful...when it melts

OK, those of you who have an astute eye caught me. The photo above is from 2005 when we first moved to Nebraska. However, I have to say, winter and weather haven't changed very much. There are still 4 seasons in Nebraska: almost winter, winter, still winter, and road construction.

The pictures below are legit, and from this afternoon. It has been an absolutely beautiful end to January reaching a wonderful 55 degrees (when I last checked). Man I love warm fronts. All day I have noticed the change in town. Car wash lines are blocking traffic, stores are crowded, and smiles abound. I am so flipping tired of snow that the thaw has me in an unusually bubbly mood, AND Alyssa and Logan are on their way.

For those of you in the south that rarely see snow, you may be wondering why I don't think snow is "pretty". I know, I've talked to you snow junkies who crave the once in a decade "big" snow. You say it covers the ground and looks like a winter wonderland. Well, you're right...for about an hour, or until the snow plows come. That's when the fun really begins. Also, unlike us, you get to stay home from school and work. No fair.

First its up at 4 a.m. for shoveling so that you're done in time to get ready for work or school. This is why I'm glad God blessed me with a husband and two strapping boys. If you're lucky the snow is deep enough to blow, if you're not, it's too shallow for snow blowers but to deep to leave on the driveway. Of course as soon as you finish shoveling the plow comes through and piles all of the street snow at the end of your driveway forming a mole hill of heavy, wet, icy, slush, and you get to shovel all over again.

Next it's the slippery, freezing commute. I hate wearing a coat, and I can't wear one while I drive, so this is the worst. In addition, I know a lot of people that say "I'm used to driving in it" and end up in a ditch because the were driving to fast. It's really bad if it's still snowing, because the visibility is as bad as the road.

Now after the roads are clear, the mixture of snow, road grime, salt, and sand mix to make brown, slushy snow everywhere (especially on the side of the road) and let me tell you, it ain't no winter wonderland. You get out of your car, oops it's all over your shoes and pants. You walk into your foyer, and your floor has turned from eggshell white, to tobacco brown. Don't even think about how nice it would be to have a clean and shiny car. No matter what color it was originally, your car is now salty grey, and will remain that way until the temperature rises above 32. You touch the door handle or open the trunk, and it is like running your fingernails down a chalkboard. Remember those?

Last is the thaw, and the brown slush turns into muddy waters. Muddy water runs down the side of the road, and stands on any level, or nearly level surface. Don't even think about walking through the grass right now, you will sink knee deep. However, with the thaw comes the opening of car washes throughout the city, and if you plan wisely, and sit long enough, you may have a clean and shiny car for at least a few days.

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Charlestons on the go said...

Yes. I remember those days and I don't miss them at all!!!!!!

Enjoy the "spring" weather. It probably won't last long, but enjoy it while it lasts.