Saturday, January 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Al

Happy birthday Al. Normally I don't have a problem writing about how I feel, but this one is a little harder. I can be quite introspective and mushy when it comes to my kids, but it is much more difficult for me to express the feelings I have about Al. Al is my true love. I can honestly say that from the first time I saw him it was love at first sight.

Al and I went to high school together, but we didn't know each other because he was 2 years ahead of me. I do remember one day after school, I was walking out to the parking lot, and I saw Al walking out to his car with his best friend (who was a girl). He was taking her home and as they got to his car, he opened her door for her. Now that may seem insignificant and simple, but it was so impressive to me that he was polite and giving to this friend who wasn't a girlfriend or someone he was trying to impress. He was just a thoughtful guy. I thought to myself "One day I'm going to marry a guy just like that." Wow, was I right or what.

2 years later I ran into him in an establishment (OK a bar) on the University strip. One look at him and I was in love. Today we've been married 21 years, have 3 beautiful children and an amazing grandson. It hasn't always been easy, but today we're still here. Even the Army, no matter how hard they tried, couldn't tear us apart.

I don't say it enough, but Al is one of a kind. Now sure there are things he does that infuriate me (he is still a man after all) but once I regain my composure I realize what a wonderful guy he is. He is kind and generous, and he would sacrifice everything for his family. He loves his kids more than life itself.

Al and I have shared a lot over our life, but just recently we have shared one of the most memorable and life changing events of our marriage. We became grandparents to Logan, and we did it together. I've thought a lot about what it has meant to me to become a grandmother, but it's harder to explain what it has been like to watch Al become a grandfather. He loves that little boy so much, and as he likes to repeat "Logan loves his grandpa." I agree, and I can't think of any little boy who will grow up with a better example to follow than Logan has in his grandpa.

Happy Birthday Al, I love you!


Heather said...

That was beautiful Mitzi. He truly is an amazing man!!! I know our family absolutely adores him. Thanks Al for all you did for us while were there in Omaha. You mean the world to us. We miss you.

Al Cardona said...

Thanks Honey! You mean the world to me too!

Al Cardona said...

Thanks Heather. We miss all of you!

Anonymous said...

Mitzi, I'm so impressed with how you express yourself and your feelings about your family. I hope Al's birthday was great, I've always thought he is a wonderful person. Love to you both--- Karri

** sorry I always have to comment anonymous- can't remember my password.

Kathy said...

Al, I have to add that you are also a wonderful son-in-law. I can't begin to tell you how proud I am to have you as part of our family. Just use caution when you try to confiscate my Sudoku puzzles!

Love ya,