Tuesday, October 6, 2009


For the last two weeks I have been on a plateau. I didn't lose any weight, and I was a little frustrated. I knew that it was because I was staying in the top range of my calories, and because I still haven't found time to exercise. I was also a little jealous (ok a lot) because I had only lost 10 lbs and Al had lost almost 20 lbs. He is a guy AND he's been going to the gym a lot so his is coming off faster. I was also worried that mine was the initial 10 lbs of water weight, and that I was done losing.

Last night I weighed in and the scale had actually moved. Thank you lord. I have lost a total of 13.1 lbs, and I'm back in my grove. Hooray! Also, I've been DVRing yoga, but I haven't been home long enough to actually try it. I have 6 1 hour sessions recorded, so I hope that I can get motivated soon (even if I don't get home until 9 p.m.) and start working out. I think (no I KNOW) it will speed up the process.

The boys are doing well. Nicholas is especially doing great. He's lost 13 lbs and that officially brings him to below 200 lbs. He weighed exactly 199 lbs last night. Great job Nicholas. Christian weighed in at 203 lbs. Losing slower than his brother, but still losing so that is a good thing. You're almost there Christian, but you've gotta catch up with your little brother :-) They are the same height and started out at the same weight. They have had a lifelong battle with who is taller, and it seems to go back and forth, so this should be interesting

I've got a long swim ahead, but I'm starting to see land. Bye for now!

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Anonymous said...

Believe me, I know how committed you have to be to do what your entire family is doing. I support you 100%. The upcoming holidays will present a real challenge but I have faith that together you will do well. I am looking forward to seeing everyone in a couple of weeks. Love you!