Friday, September 11, 2009

Tough Week

This has been a really tough week for me hunger wise. I don't know if it was the long weekend that screwed me up or what. All week I have been a little over, or right at the top of, my range for calories & fat. I have also started tracking my calcium, iron, fruits and veggies. I tend to be under the recommended daily amounts with all of these as well as with my water. So to summarize, too much bad and not enough good. My life story right?

I'm going to try harder to really focus on getting my calories from fruits and vegetables instead of meat and bread. I've gotten better in the last couple of days about the water, but I just don't drink very much. I never have.

So here is a funny story (OK not so funny). I am teaching a smoking cessation class, and Tuesday was the classes "Quit Day". That means they all had to quit smoking Tuesday night. On Thursday we met again to see how everyone was doing. All day Thursday I was STARVING, and nothing satisfied my appetite. I drank a ton of water and munched on healthy snacks, but I was dying. When my class came in and talked about their desires to smoke over the past two days, it hit me. God was making ME miss the things I was giving up so that I could better empathize with my students. It worked too. I guess this journey is valuable in more ways than one huh?

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