Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Twice as Nice

Nicholas and his choir director Mr. Thomas Wilde

Nicholas won the "Outstanding Singer" award at his choir concert tonight. Eighth graders are nominated by and voted for by all of the students in choir. The award is for superb singing and excellent leadership skills. 2 students in each 8th grade choir class are given the award, and their names are engraved into a plaque that hangs on the choir room wall. We are so very proud of Nicholas, not only for being a great singer, but also for being a positive example to his peers.

This award is especially heart warming to us because another young man (whom I'm also very proud of) had his name engraved in the same plaque 2 years ago. Who you might ask is this young man? Well it is none other than Nicholas' slightly bigger brother (who casts a much larger shadow) Christian. I am very proud of both boys. You guys are awesome.

Christian and Mr. Wilde in 2007

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